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daunted by disqus logins

I'm fairly careful with passwords - I use a password manager.  But just occasionally something goes wrong or gets outdated.  That happened now with Disqus.  So I went through the attempt to make a new account, discovered I had an old one, did the password reset.  But the darn thing still didn't work, so I gave up.  How much time can you give to these things, and why should you?

Anyway, the thing I wished to comment on was the Wired article about Cloudflare. Which may be a good PR piece about how Cloudflare is working to aid encryption, but completely ignores the issue that Cloudflare in parallel is doing all it can to make life difficult for users of Tor.  As any Tor user can tell you, hitting a Cloudflare site generally sends you to a Captcha verification.  Cloudflare hates Tor and Tor users hate Cloudflare back.  If the web was working properly, Cloudflare wouldn't exist in the first place.  But then, neither would Tor, I suppose.  Meanwhile, happy to discover Opera's new VPN system.