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Concert of Qawali music

Yesterday evening we went to a Sulha meeting at the Everest Hotel in Beit Jala, since Dorit had to present something there.  The atmosphere was quite good, though not so many young Israelis (lots of older ones). More young Palestinians, and also older ones.  Lots of drumming and singing.

Then we went to hear a concert by Iqbal Ahmad Khan, featuring the music of Ameer Khusro.  As so often with Indian musicians, he attempted to explain the mechanics of the compositions and, as usual, I didn't understand any of the explanation.  But the music was wonderful.  I wonder why Indian musicians feel a need to explain their art?  Obviously any art inspires because it follows certain rules of aesthetics.  We know that the Mona Lisa is a wonderful painting without understanding what makes it so.  So they played for an hour and a half and then stopped, and I was moved to tears and left feeling that I hadn't quite heard enough.