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Chinese lullabies for your baby

Why can speakers of some languages pronounce some foreign phonemes and not others? The usual explanation is that they don't grow up hearing and using certain sounds. I do not always hear the difference between Arabic gutterals and have difficulty hitting on the correct h for Muhammad. Most Arabs are unable to say p, and are unable to hear the difference between p and b.

But why are Jewish Israelis able to say w, which does not exist in Hebrew, while it gives Germans such a hard time? And how come some Israelis drop their h's, when the letter does exist in Hebrew? It's true that the latter is more of a tendency than a disability. The same tendency is also present in northern Britain. French speakers have a still harder time with the h.

Obviously the ability to pronounce certain sounds must be connected with exposure of babies and small children to hearing and using them.  I wonder whether passive exposure to the range of sounds present in other languages would augment their later ability to pronounce them?