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Changing the language indicator from flags

My MX linux laptop was showing flags for the two languages that I need to write in. I don't happen to like either of those flags, with all that they represent, and certainly don't want to have to stare at them all day long. And who says that languages should be represented by flags anyway? As if languages are so closely aligned with nations.

So I went to the trouble of creating new icons for these languages with just letters instead of flags. MX (or XFCE) needs an .svg formatted picture. It turns out that GIMP doesn't do SVG. I had to export the pictures to .pngs, import them to Inkscape, then save them there as .svgs. In MX, the files are all in /usr/share/xfce4/xkb/flags/ so that's where I placed them. But then, nothing happened. I logged out, logged in, restarted the computer, but the flags were still there. Hmmm. Then I discovered that my machine isn't using XFCE's keyboard input switcher at all, but one called "fbxkb", from an earlier linux installation. The flags there were in /usr/share/fbxkb/images/ but in .png format - so fortunately I already had the files ready. Now I don't have to look at those nasty flags anymore.