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A beautiful psychedelic sky-blue metal chrome beetle emerged on my bed and under my admiring gaze discharged a large drop of brown poop on to the sandalwood-scented white sheet.

Monkeys drop unripe mangoes that hit the roof like bombs. This is not as loud as the staccati bursts of fire crackers exploded during funeral processions.

Peacocks screech out suddenly at any time of the day or night, responding to one another's calls.

Last night awoke to the smell of burning plastic - just the neighbours burning a pile of garbage in the street. I ran to close the shutters. I had already closed them on the southern side due to the maid's burning a pile of leaves earlier in the day.

Between 2 AM and 4 AM it's impossible to sleep. The air hovers around 30 C which the ceiling fan whips into a hot typhoon.

The pre-monsoon evening rains had lowered the temperature for a few days but now it is hot and dry again.