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Auroville as comma, exclamation point, question mark…

Whatever it was, Auroville was interesting. Three weeks in a place which presents itself as an alternative to so many of the negative currents in our world throws up a personal challenge. Now I wonder to what extent it is possible or desirable to make it a part of my consciousness and my life. I've a lazy attitude to big ideas, and inbuilt dampers on enthusiasm towards them. Lazy in adoption, but then fairly faithful and tenacious . So I will probably continue to mull the ideas that I received from Auroville, and Auroville itself, and see if electricity is generated.

If I were age 20 again, I'd already be making plans to move to Auroville permanently, as the best and most sane alternative to the material mainstream culture that is destroying our spirits and the planet. Now, at 54, there are family, work ties and the engagement in another radical community experiment with value in its own right.

If the proverbial Jesus, Moses or the Dalai Lama encounter us on the street, gaze into our eyes and say "follow me!", what do you say? At age 20 you pick up and go. At 35 you ask for a few weeks to settle your affairs. At 50, you say wait, that isn't practical at all. But then again, according to the sanatana dharma, that's exactly the right time to head for the jungle.