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After seeing Bladerunner 2049

All is in God. The reason that God is conceived as the Creator in the Middle Eastern/Western religions is that the Divine Consciousness is a fount of imagination - from the imagination can emerge limitless manifestations.  We exist as projections of this Divine Consciousness and, from our position of blindness, try to probe the limits of our existence.  We ask whether other planets, other civilizations exist in the universe and the answer is ultimately that they do if God wants them to.  We  know what God wants us to know.  There are no limits to the imagination of the Divine - there are only limits to our human imagination, our human perception, our human understanding.

Hollywood is a kind of metaphor for the Divine Consciousness.  Films create a convincing reality that often exceeds the limits of what exists in our current mode. The characters in the Bladerunner, some of them androids or replicants try to come to grips with what it means to have memories and thoughts that may not be theirs but someone else's.  The question of how they differ from humans arises. They question the value of their existence if it is only artificial and temporary.  The filmmakers do not answer these questions for us.  They themselves are caught in the same Ignorance as we human beings are caught.  We cannot see truth from within the prison of our existence as representational beings within the imagination of the Divine.

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