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Howard Shippin; born in the UK (1956); living in Israel/Palestine; working part time for the Communications office of Wahat al-Salam – Neve Shalom (https://wasns.org).

This blog

Started in the early 2000s; currently has some posts going back to around 2003. It has lived in various places, under SPIP, WordPress (.com and .org) and static blog platforms.

The blog is currently self-hosted at home, using WordPress and the free version of the Independent Publisher theme. It is readable in any browser, including those that cannot handle images, CSS or JavaScript.


There are no trackers on the site and no user data is collected. (It does not employ external Fonts, Google Analytics, Gravatar, Jetpack, Facebook code or other trackers.) On some older pages, external content such as Youtube videos may be embedded, which could mean that the producer of that content might collect end-user data.

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