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A simpler(?) way to blog

With all due respect to WordPress's new dashboard - and it's a big improvement - I think I have a still simpler way to get my scribblings online. I just played with Fastmail's file storage / web site option, which I have already been using to store photos. Fastmail can store files of any description, just not blogging software, which requires a database. File upload can be achieved through standard FTP, but also with WebDav. Using the latter is a simple matter in Linux. I compose in LibreOffice, save my file in the WebDav folder, and presto it's online. I can even re-open and rework it. Afterwards, in order for people to find it, I still need to provide a link to it. If I use a microblogging site like, that can be the place where a discussion around the article would (theoretically) take place.

Of course, blogging is already so easy - one can, for example, use email, and what I'm describing does not actually produce what is usually called a blog. I've previously called the concept an anti-blog. But I'm attracted by the simplicity of the idea.