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A better facebook interface

One of the problems for Facebook's interface is that people post at an unequal rate. Those who post a hundred messages a day drown out those who post just occasionally, and this happens despite attempts to balance things. A solution to this would be to introduce an alternative "friends" view which would present just the latest update from each friend and, when clicked, would expand all that person's other posts. The arrangement could be according to the last person who posted appearing first. However, our "top 20" or "top 40" friends (whoever many fit comfortably on the first page) would always show first, regardless of the number of messages they post. That would prevent the frequent posters from crowding out best friends who post infrequently.

The above suggestion would make it possible for those who like to post as frequently as they do on Twitter from feeling restrained by Facebook etiquette and it would make it unnecessary for Facebook users to block frequent posters. It could be an alternative view to News Feed and Live Feed – but I think it would be popular. And it should be "sticky" – i.e. persistent between Facebook sessions, once chosen. If I recall correctly, Flock browser's facebook view already presents a friends list with latest status message from each friend.