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9 December, 2020

Inhale, Exhale

Saw this 2019 Georgian film by director Dito Tsintadze in the framework of Tel Aviv cinematheque's online film festival on the subject of solidarity. It's about a 37 year old woman returning home to a small mining town after spending several years in jail. In the meantime, her young son and teenage daughter have learned to despise her and manage by themselves, with the help of her whining ex-addict husband, mother and sister-in-law. There's nothing much for her anymore there. The welfare services offer her nothing but motivation talks,, free "yoga lessons" by a foreign charlatan and other crap. She befriends a young gay person trying to discover himself in this hostile and hateful provincial environment. The story doesn't offer much hope, but it's a powerful film that keeps you in your seat and thinking about it for a long time afterwards.


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✭ Nationwide farmers' strike shuts down large parts of India | India | The Guardian
Hundreds of thousands of farmers blocked all roads into the capital Delhi for most of the day, and across the country demonstrated on railway lines and highways and called for a shutdown of shops, in a effort to pressurise the government into repealing new agriculture laws they say will leave them poverty stricken and at the mercy of corporations.

✭ 'I'm often faster': Milan's bicycling bookseller takes on the online giants | Italy | The Guardian
"His is is also among around 2,000 other booksellers across Italy who recently united in their goal to challenge Amazon by setting up their own online platform, called Bookdealer.

The venture is the first of its kind in Italy and allows people to search for books and to locate the nearest bookshop to them, as well as take virtual tours of shops, before purchasing online for home delivery. The initiative is particularly useful for people in towns where bookshops have closed, as they can discover stores that are further away. Customers can also seek the kind of advice they would ordinarily get from an independent bookseller."

✭ iHuman review – doom-laden documentary about the future of AI | Documentary films | The Guardian
Think about the way we treat animals. We’re fond of them but we don’t ask their permission to build a road; it’ll be like that. His analogy is an extraordinary moment in this doom-laden documentary about the future of AI from Norwegian film-maker Tonje Hessen Schei – an eye-opening film if your anxiety levels are up to it.

✭ Barefoot in thorns: Gaza through the eyes of a Palestinian photographer |
“You’re caught between the two sides of the conflict: the rulers of Gaza limit what you can photograph and write about, imprisoning and torturing those who disobey. At the same time, the Israeli army sees you as a potential threat that must be eliminated, as has been the fate of many Palestinian journalists.”
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