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8 June 2021

Eventually, it proved quite easy to install Microsoft Office on the office computers, under the company's donation plan for non-profits.  I just needed to ignore everything that it said about only being suitable for Windows 10 Pro computers.  While that would be true for their integrated online solutions, it isn't true for just the basics; all we are interested in at this point is their 10 free licenses for MS Office programs. Once I understood that I can simply enroll users and download the programs to their computer, my problem was solved.

I spent a bit of time yesterday evening setting up LibreWolf, a privacy-oriented re-packaging of Firefox. It works quite well, though I still don't feel like I have found my ideal browser.

My Thinkpad has been running hot lately; I might need to get it seen to.  In the meantime I've placed it on an old cooling pad that I had lying around.

Afternoon-walk thoughts

On my afternoon walk I thought a bit about principles; how we get attached to them, and how they are simply tied to our egoism.  We take a concept, a value, or an ideology and then decide to adhere to it.  Then it adheres to us.  We become attached to, identified with, and enslaved by it.  If someone insults our values, we take it as a slight to ourselves.   It is better not to become attached to values and ideas.  They anyway tend towards rigidity, and mimic the essential rather than express it. There is a verse in the Tao Te Ching: "When the Tao ceased to be observed, benevolence and righteousness came into vogue. Then appeared wisdom and shrewdness, and there ensued great hypocrisy."  The more that we become identified with values and principles, the further we wander from the wisdom expressed by Lao Tsu.  "The Sage has no decided opinions and feelings..."


Xi’s change of heart is too late to stop China’s collision with the west - The Guardian

All around China’s borders, from India and South Korea to Malaysia, the Philippines and Australia, a grim story of intimidation, impunity and aggression is unfolding, as opposed to the confected, made-in-Beijing narrative of neighbourly co-existence.

Don’t expect Netanyahu’s departure to alter the course of politics in Israel - The Guardian

The burning desire to depose Israel’s longest serving leader is certainly the driving force behind the disparate eight-party coalition that hopes to replace him. But another factor also unites them – by default, if not by design: the consensus that in determining the future of the Jewish state, the conflict with the Palestinians can be managed in perpetuity.

It’s time to ditch Chrome - WIRED UK

When you sync your Google accounts to Chrome, the data slurping doesn’t stop there. Information from other Google-owned products including its email service Gmail and Google search can be combined to form a scarily accurate picture. Chrome data can be added to your geolocation history from Google Maps, the metadata from your Gmail usage, your social graph – who you interact with, both on and offline – the apps you use on your Android phone, and the products you buy with Google Pay. “That creates a very clear picture of who you are and how you live your life,” Fielding says.

Uyghurs are being deported from Muslim countries, raising concerns about China's growing reach - CNN
Palestinians aren't alone in feeling let down by Arab nations. Muslim Ughyars are being routinely extradited from Egypt, the UAR and elsewhere in the Middle East as China's dominance in the region grows.