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7 September 2020

Last night there was a second arson attack on our village; not as bad as the first, because the sprinkler system actually worked. It isn't clear who is attacking our educational institutions. In the case of right-wing hate crimes, the perpetrators are usually brazen enough to take responsibility, and this time they haven't. But it still seems to be the most likely direction.

Lots of work, attending meetings, writing and translating website articles and social media posts. Hope tonight is quiet.


The Spiritualisation of Culture

Graham Peebles: 'the spiritualisation of culture' | "No going back; it's all got to change'

The Spiritualisation of Culture – Graham Peebles

[](No going back, it's all got to change)

He's a very good writer, with excellent values., and a history of good work behind him. I can't quite get my head around his theosophical belief that we will be saved by the coming of Maitreya, the next World Teacher. We have seen many amazing spiritual teachers in our era [everyone can insert their favourites here], but actually none of them have been able to change humanity's course towards impending disaster. It depends on us, unfortunately. It's not like we are lacking in knowledge or sources of wisdom.