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7 November, 2020

Physics and consciousness

D. is watching Thrive II (the movie), in the Spirit Film festival. I tried but grew irritated quickly. I guess I've seen too many similar movies and finally it's getting to me. Suddenly I realize why I haven't bothered to watch a film about David Baum that a couple of people have recommended to me. I will never be a physicist, and will never be able properly to critique the wisdom or foolishness of their statements - especially considering the degree of disagreement among themselves.

When Stephen Hawking visited our village, and gave a lecture about black holes to an audience of physicists, those of us who were not physicists were advised that it might not be worthwhile for us to stay. I stayed for a while anyway, if only to benefit from his darshan I suppose 🙂
But their warning was correct: the lecture was utterly unintelligible for laymen.

I hope that I have learned to stop listening to, or spouting, glib statements about matters that are difficult to understand. In the same "Spirit Festival" there were a few less ambitious and less pretentious films that were a joy to watch. Those are the ones that will stay with me.

Reflections on Biden's election win

✭ Ding-dong, the jerk is gone. But read this before you sing the Hallelujah Chorus | Thomas Frank

"It turns out that when the party of the left abandons its populist traditions for high-minded white-collar rectitude, the road is cleared for a particularly poisonous species of rightwing demagoguery. It is no coincidence that, as Democrats pursued their professional-class “third way”, Republicans became ever bolder in their preposterous claim to be a “workers’ party” representing the aspirations of ordinary people."

✭ Cory Doctorow's linkblog: "The Obama administration inherited a vast economi…" - La Quadrature du Net - Mastodon - Media Fédéré

In the same vein as the Thomas Frank article. Doctorow is as sharp as ever. Or seems to be. Just as I'm not a physicist, I'm not an economist, and quickly get out of my depths. However my father was one of the countless victims of the 2008 housing crash. He lost, by his estimation, a quarter million and ended up seriously strapped for cash in his final years.