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7 December, 2021

Laptop Displays

One thing I notice with my Thinkpad, is that, after a time, the keys leave permanent marks or scratches on the screen. I think this is the first laptop in which I've noticed this. I only ever met one fellow who owned a special clothe between the keys and the screen and conscientiously put it there every time he would close his computer. That was quite a few years ago and he owned a Mac.

Browsers and FOSS

@⚧POLⒶRIS⚧ has an interesting thread on browsers, beginning with Brave browser and the developers' efforts to prevent forking of it (though it's under an open source license; and comparisons with PaleMoon (whose developer is also very zealous about protecting its' name and LibreWolf (a Firefox fork that sounds similar to Waterfox before it's developer sold out). That's all information I wasn't aware of (though now I think about it, I think I did once hear reports about Moonchild Productions going after trademark infringers). I'm not at all surprised about Brave, and decided some time ago not to go near it. If I'm not wrong, it seems that Palemoon's main interest is in protecting its' branding: "Pale Moon rampantly abuses trademark law, they're perhaps one of the worst when it comes to this. They go as far as threatening people on AUR for "distributing unauthorized builds" that use their branding."

I feel more tolerant when an organization wants to protect their branding than when they are trying to keep ownership of the code. Developers who fork a project while keeping a similar name are exploiting familiarity with the name in order to advance their product. On the other hand, giving a nod to an existing product can seem respectful. Ideally I would use a browser that's completely clear of such interests like Epiphany, but it isn't very usable for me right now. Its predecessors were better - I was once a happy Galeon user.

What I do like about Palemoon and its sister Basilisk, which I'm currently using, is that the rendering engine is also forked (from Gecko); in terms of rendering engines we've now got Webkit - Blink - Edge and Gecko - Goanna. Goanna is the only one of those that isn't owned or backed by a big company, now that Mozilla is basically controlled by Google. It seems that KHTML, though it is still used in Konqueror, has not been actively developed since 2016.