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6 June 2021

Microsoft certified our non-profit so that we can get free or discounted versions of their software. I have spent the last several hours trying to get my head around the various options and plans that they have. It's all kind of arcane, with self-contradictory descriptions; in short a Kafkaesque nightmare. Google Workplace is simple by comparison. Setting up a LAMP server seemed easier. But I suppose once I have understood how to navigate in this strange new world it won't seem so hostile, as we only actually need only the core office programs. They probably know that this is all that most small organizations want, but put this vast labyrinth of options, cloud server applications and services in the way.


I have now copied all of my Hubzilla blog posts over into WordPress. I'm considering making some change to the way Hubzilla interacts with WordPress; and also making it possible to subscribe to the blog via various means, such as email subscription, other social media - taking my lead from more serious bloggers like Cory Doctorow and Dave Winer. I see that Cory Doctorow connects his WordPress blog to Mailman. We used to use Mailman in our village before moving to Google groups (which was probably a mistake). Mailman looks just the same now as it did years ago.


Apple, Mozilla, Google, Microsoft Form Group To Standardize Browser Plug-Ins - Slashdot

The new WebExtensions Community Group will try to forge a common architecture for future web extensions, and is inviting developers to join the effort.

WhatsApp will add multi-device support, introduce ‘view once’ disappearing feature - TechCrunch

WhatsApp will soon let you use the popular instant messaging app simultaneously on multiple devices, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said. The instant messaging app, used by more than 2 billion users, also plans to add more options to its disappearing messages feature, top executives said.

It looks like that in allowing multi-device support they are trying to catch up with Telegram's superior user experience.
NYPD’s Sprawling Facial Recognition System Now Has More Than 15,000 Cameras - Vice