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5 June 2021

Google diversity head removed over anti-Semitic blog post - BBC News

Google has removed its head of diversity over a 2007 blog post that said Jewish people had "an insatiable appetite for war and killing".

In a post about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that resurfaced this week, Kamau Bobb also claimed Jewish people had an "insensitivity" to suffering.

He apologized. But what a ridiculous claim. As for “insensitivity”:
- Stereotyping whole groups shows both insensitivity and a lack of intelligence.
- If the context is shifted to “Jewish people in Israel” then there is wide insensitivity towards Palestinian suffering, just as there is wide insensitivity among Palestinians of the suffering of Jewish Israelis.
That's a dynamic that occurs when there is demonization of the other (we regard them as not deserving the empathy that we reserve for fellow human beings) because
- there is an ongoing situation of violent conflict: It is difficult to feel empathy when we are traumatized by the suffering of our own group, at the hands of the other group.
- there is a situation of exploitation/oppression/discrimination that is so ordinary that it has become invisible to the perpetrators.
- Palestinians, sensitive to being oppressed and being regarded as inferior, feel that they will never be regarded as equal in their own country even when they are lucky enough to be citizens of it.

Demonization is also transferable:
- Jewish people, particularly Israelis, grow up with the narrative that they have been persecuted throughout history by non-Jews. Palestinians become the latest incarnation of this archetypal persecutor.

- Palestinians grow up with the narrative that they were ethnically cleansed by the Jews, and continue to hold accountable present day Jews, who may not have been involved in any wrong-doing towards them.

Both groups are kind of exclusive: you will always be regarded with suspicion if you were not born into them.

Trouble in paradise: Indian islands face ‘brazen’ new laws and Covid crisis - The Guardian

Shashi Tharoor, a senior opposition politician, added: “One could be forgiven for reading these laws as legislation for a war-torn region facing significant civilian strife, rather than laws meant for an idyllic archipelago filled with abundant natural beauty and peace-loving fellow citizens of India.”

Denmark passes law to relocate asylum seekers outside Europe - The Guardian

“If you apply for asylum in Denmark you know that you will be sent back to a country outside Europe, and therefore we hope that people will stop seeking asylum in Denmark,” Rasmus Stoklund, the government party’s immigration speaker, told the broadcaster DR on Thursday.

European finance ministers say deal to stop global tax abuse is ‘within reach’ - The Guardian

France, Germany, Italy and Spain increase pressure for an end to loopholes that enable multinationals to pay minimal tax

Journalists entitled to protection against sedition, says Supreme Court - The Hindu

The time is long past when the mere criticism of governments was sufficient to constitute sedition. The right to utter honest and reasonable criticism is a source of strength to a community rather than a weakness, the judgment recorded.

Modi’s bulldozing of parliament shows him as the architect of a Hindu Taliban - The Guardian

Flattening the majestic Mughal-inspired buildings is the latest stage in a hateful, vanity-fuelled campaign to de-Islamify India