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5 January, 2021

PDF in Linux

I have a couple of programs that I can use to manipulate PDFs, like split them into separate files, or merge them. Right now, I have PDF Arranger and the free version of Master PDF (which isn't FOSS). LibreOffice Draw, they say, can sometimes work as an editor. But these solutions weren't, I think, suitable for the situation I had this morning of receiving a scanned PDF (really a picture inside a PDF container), which needs to be signed, dated and returned by email. The free version of Master PDF won't let you add anything without including a watermark. So I thought of Inkscape. It opened the PDF, allowed me to add my signature image file and, with its text tool, to add the date, then I could save it back to PDF. Perfect. For more solutions, there's the link below (it doesn't mention Inkscape).

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✭ Watching a show at Israel's High Court
Watching a show at Israel's High Court - Opinion -
Samah Salaime from Neve Shalom - Wahat al-Salam wrote an opinion piece in Haaretz following the High Court decision (see below).


✭ A scion of Zionist aristocracy wants to quit the Jewish people. Will Israel let him?… | Balfour Project
Why Avraham Burg, who has served as Knesset speaker, interim president and head of the Jewish Agency, is asking Israel to annul his registration as a Jew

(Judaism is regarded as a "nationality" in Israel; following the recent supreme court ruling not to accept a challenge by Arab citizens to the 2018 "Nation State Law" that establishes a formal inequality between Jewish and Arab citizens, Burg has asked to have the Jewish nationality scratched from his designation in the population registry.)

✭ OHCHR | United Kingdom: UN expert cautiously welcomes refusal to extradite Assange
"I am gravely concerned that the judgement confirms the entire, very dangerous rationale underlying the US indictment, which effectively amounts to criminalizing national security journalism," Melzer said.

✭ Coronavirus live news: Belgium to get half of January Pfizer vaccine doses it ordered; Italy measures extended | World news | The Guardian
India: The Covaxin vaccine was granted emergency approval before final-stage human trials had been completed. Health experts have widely criticised the move as premature, pointing out that there is no publicly available data on its efficacy.
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