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5 February, 2021


Spent an hour or two experimenting with various browsers, after noticing that PaleMoon had made an automatic update and reading an article by @seirdy. The new version of Palemoon makes one of the sites I often go to work a little better; perhaps because of the new partial support for Webcomponents. I tested it with It still has a slightly lower score than Web (Epiphany), which is based on a port of Apple WebKit (WebkitGTK). @seirdy mentions NetSurf, so I downloaded that browser too. It refuses to test on html5test, even when Javascript is enabled, and it seems to handle only very basic sites, so that one seems to be for a very specialized audience.

Web/Epiphany has an interesting approach to bookmarks. Unlike all other browsers I know, it groups them under tags, instead of in in a folder hierarchy. This makes more sense, as I can never remember which folder I have used for them. For example, looking for was not simple. It's just that I would have to reorganize all my bookmarks by tags in order to use this feature. It doesn't have a start page with shortcuts like most modern browsers, but it's easy to create a webpage with links to one's favourite sites. I've done that several times.

Lately, I've been using Vivaldi. Ideologically, I suppose I am most in favour of Palemoon or Basilisk, because their Goanna rendering engine seems to be the most distant from the big three (Blink, Webkit, Gecko). We need to keep other possibilities alive. But even Goanna is based on Gecko.