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5 December, 2020

I guess I won't be able to run my home server successfully from abroad, as whenever there is a power problem or sometimes other internet connectivity problems, it goes offline for awhile. I'll have to hope that Disroot someday get their shit together again on their Hubzilla server, where I had my hub cloned. It seems that they are having a real problem maintaining it for a large number of people.

Today was a nice day in the village, though the rest of the country experienced some extreme weather. We had a birthday party for my grand daughter and I got a chance to talk to a couple of people I haven't met for awhile.

Yesterday it was also a nice day, with beautiful weather. There was a performance for David Broza, a singer who is an old friend of the village (and the grandson of one of its founders). Our regional council is setting up outside performances for musicians with limited audiences of up to 20 people, and offering them at a really low price.


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✭ Aral Balkan's introduction to his proof of concept Small Web server setup

 this. I agree with his ideas, appreciate his investment and like his enthusiasm. I didn't quite understand who were the intended audience for the presentation. It's fine for developers who are convinced of the value of what he is doing. If the presentation is intended for someone who is not so convinced, then one would want to start by explaining the existing alternatives, such as the free software movement, the fediverse, alternatives to the mega-companies in other web applications, storage solutions, etc. and then hone in and show the added value of independent servers over semi-centralized solutions.

✭ Here’s the NLRB Complaint Alleging Google Illegally Fired and Surveilled Workers
"[Google has been interfering with, restraining, and coercing employees in the exercise [of their rights],”

✭ More than 1,200 Google workers condemn firing of AI scientist Timnit Gebru | Google | The Guardian