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29 May 2021

Hubzilla & Mastodon

I follow my Hubzilla posts on Fosstodon and some of them seem to come through. Now I notice the latest update of &Status, does not work with Hubzilla summaries, and shows the whole post. That's not true of Fosstodon's web instance, where Hubzilla posts still get the "read more" button, when there's a Hubzilla summary. Posts in Fosstodon that are native Mastodon or from Epicyon (and maybe other Fediverse instances) still work with summaries. I haven't check whether the "spoiler" tag still works.

Thunderbird and Firefox themes

I spent awhile playing with Firefox themes to match my dark Monterail Thunderbird theme and for now have ended up with the dark Monterail theme for Firefox, though some might find the orange background in the address bar is a little garish, and I prefer a dark background on the start page. But it isn't bad, and the contrasts are good.


I need to keep track of the number of hours that I work each day for the office, and have tried various methods for that, none of which work very well, because I keep forgetting to use them. Osmo has a neat day tab, but you have to check each day at the end of the month. My latest solution is to use Google's calendar, with a link to a Google sheet. The calendar sends me a reminder at the end of each work day to update the Google sheet. I can make a comment or a note in the hours cell to remind me what I did that day. (It would no doubt be possible to use other cloud solutions like Cryptpad.)

During the process, I checked the usability of Thunderbird, Fastmail and Google calendars. For the reminders, I need to set repeating events for my workdays, which do not correspond to standard week days. Google and Fastmail can do that, but Thunderbird can't. It can set reminders for "week days" but "week days" correspond to the western calendar. There are so many other examples of western and/or North American biases in popular software. In Israel, Sunday - Fridays (nowadays usually Sunday - Thursday) are "week days"; and other countries follow different conventions. Wikipedia shows the following map:



Israel’s Gaza strikes may constitute ‘war crimes’: UN’s Bachelet | Israel-Palestine conflict News | Al Jazeera
"Riyad al-Maliki, the Palestinian Authority foreign minister, said the failure of the international community to hold Israel accountable for its crimes has only served to encourage it to continue committing them."

Israël-Gaza. «Les Israéliens mentent à propos de Gaza» – A l'encontre
“Les déclarations et les briefings sont clairs: Israël a décidé, une fois de plus, d’appliquer une punition collective à Gaza.”

EU tourists complain of fingerprinting at UK border | Immigration and asylum | The Guardian
“A spokesperson for the Home Office said: “We expect Border Force to treat all arrivals with respect and consider each passenger’s situation on an individual basis. The British public expect us to check that everyone entering the UK has the right to do so, and passengers may be asked questions to establish the basis on which they are seeking to enter the UK.”

Switzerland walks out of seven-year treaty talks with EU | Switzerland | The Guardian
“The consequences of their denunciation will now be felt rather immediately. Bit by bit, the economies will decouple at a cost to Switzerland estimated at up to €1.2bn per year.”