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29 August 2021

I'm planning my vacation and think that while I'm away, I will activate the Hubzilla - WordPress crosspost plugin. I won't have my computer with me, and I don't find an app for WP in FDroid, so it may be easier to post to WordPress via Hubzilla.

If I feel like blogging at all. There is also a very nice offline Diary app on FDroid, which uses markdown. What's for sure, I won't be taking a paper notebook with me. Everything that is not absolutely necessary must be eliminated, since it is just extra kilos to carry.

It's a 40 kilo bag, and will weigh around 6 kg + water. I've been carrying it for a couple of weeks now on my training walks, and so far, so good. It was quite a cheap bag, at €53 locally. My wife bought almost the same model.