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27 November, 2020

Browser html tests

According to on my setup:
Dillo: (Doesn't have javascript, so no results)
Tor: 409
Palemoon: 427
Epiphany: 437
Basilisk: 466
Firefox: 509
Vivaldi: 526
Chrome: 528
Results for various popular browsers are also at:
Firefox has everything that I need, so that's the one I have been using lately, with just Facebook Container, Privacy Badger and HTTPS Everywhere. (MX Linux also comes with an ad blocker).


Upamanyu is accused by his guru or rishi of being too fat, so the guru puts him on a diet, gradually depriving him of begged food, milk and the froth of the milk. He herded the cows and went without food. Having been forbidden [to eat] ... one day in the forest, starving grievously, he ate the leaves of the arka plant (calotropis gigantea). And by eating the acrid, pungent, hot, ripe arka leaves, he was smitten in the eye and went blind..." eventually he fell into a well. His teacher said, "Sing the praises of the Asvins. Those divine healers will restore your eyesight." They do. They give him some "cake" to eat, and promise him that his vision will be restored.
About this, van Buitenen says: "Calotropis Gigantea is a bush widely spread in northern India: it has some medicinal properties: that it may cause blindness is further unknown." However, Wikipedia has this to say:

"... touching the sap [of the plant] and then touching the ocular surface may result in crownflower keratitis. Damage (poisoning) of the cornea endothelium results in corneal stromal edema and decreased visual acuity. Although there is some permanent damage to the corneal endothelium with decreased endothelial cell count and irregular shape, the remaining corneal endothelial cells usually recover with complete resolution of the corneal edema and a return to normal visual acuity. The condition is usually self-limited and resolves faster with topical steroids... " Wikipedia also mentions the tale.