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27 January, 2021


My attitude to food and cooking is based on simplicity. When I'm by myself, I make sure I get a salad every day, and all the nutritional components we need, but I don't go to any lengths at making that interesting, so my meals typically take only a few minutes to prepare. I've been vegetarian from the age of 18 or 19 and, for the last few years have tried to cut down on dairy products.

Unlike me, my partner has been taking food preparation really seriously lately, and making the most interesting dishes. Today she made mixed vegie patties baked in the oven, with a kind of buckwheat-bulgar wheat pilaf that was really nice.

When our children were growing up, neither of us had the time and energy to spend on meals. We bought lots of frozen vegetables and ready-made vegie schnitzels and other shortcuts to easy meals. It's surprising actually that our three children continue to be vegetarian and didn't rebel against the regime. One of them became a strict vegan. All of them are more into cooking than we were at their age.

Another thing that has improved in the last decade or so is the quality of the ingredients. We eat mostly organic food. We receive every week a crate of vegetables from a local farm, and supplement this with other, again, mostly organic foods from nearby shops. We're not 100% strict - if we need some extra tomatoes or something, we'll just buy them in a regular mini-market.

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I've always had a distant affection for Tumblr, as an interesting cross between blogging and a social network, so I spent some time reading up on recent changes. Actually hubzilla, or the way I use it, is not unlike Tumblr in its style. I'm happy that Automattic purchased Tumblr from the likes of Verizon.

✭Tumblr thoughts, the future of social, Spotify for Podcasters, & more - Cybercultural
The social aspects of - Automattic’s user-friendly, hosted version of WordPress - are also subpar. The “Reader” on is just awful. By contrast, everything on Tumblr is slick and just works. So I think this deal augurs well for both Automattic and WordPress users.

✭Beyond reblogging: The future of Tumblr | The Daily Dot
“I think it is crucial that Tumblr take care of their content creators,” Grelle said. “They should work to make this the best possible place for people to post things they make. If Tumblr could shift the perception from a place where people mostly repost things, to a place where things originate, I think they would leave their competitors in the dust.”

✭Tumblr's CEO on the future of social, remote work and learning from TikTok - Protocol — The people, power and politics of tech
One thing that hasn't changed, D'Onofrio said? Tumblr's plan to be an "infinitely expandable" creative canvas where people can post, share and discuss virtually anything they can think of. More than a decade after the company started, he said, that vision hasn't changed. And he's convinced nobody does it better than Tumblr.

✭Facebook is bombarding rightwing users with ads for combat gear. See for yourself | Facebook | The Guardian
"Facebook announced that it will be temporarily banning some ads for gun accessories and body armor. It’s not enough"
#facebook being Facebook.

✭UK sells arms to nearly 80% of countries under restrictions, says report | Arms trade | The Guardian
fifths of countries subject to arms embargos, trade sanctions or other restrictions over the past five years, according to analysis.
#UK #nations

✭Violent clashes as Indian farmers storm Delhi's Red Fort | India | The Guardian
Jaspal Singh, 50, a farmer from Gurdaspur district in Punjab, said that nothing would break the resolve of the protesting farmers. “No matter how much force the Modi government uses we are not going to succumb,”

Adeptly symbolic to go for the Red Fort. Makes their struggle historic.

✭Global ice loss accelerating at record rate, study finds | Environment | The Guardian
The rate of loss is now in line with the worst-case scenarios of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the world’s leading authority on the climate