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26 April 2021



(Capparis spinosa)

These grow wild around here. They are extremely annoying when we encounter them while walking in the woods, because the thorns point backwards and have a never-let-go quality: if you step into a caper bush, there follows a prickly process of delicate extrication. What's more, in winter they lose their foliage, so become almost invisible, and only the dry thorny stems remain.

But now they are in their prime. The buds are ripe for picking, and pickling, though I've never attempted to do this. The ones in our fridge are imported from Turkey. Capers grow in many climates, apparently, from around the Mediterranean to the high altitude deserts of Ladakh.

URL shortening

I was just reflecting on the fact that I've been using for URL shortening, and that makes a living by tracking users. For many of these, I could/should be using our organization's URL since that is anyway short, and the CMS has a built-in re-direction feature. On reflection, I already do this in a couple of instances, such as an easy mnemonic link to our YouTube channel.

On a couple of of the WordPress installations I use for organizations, Jetpack is enabled, and Jetpack includes a URL shortener of its own (, which, according to its privacy statement, does not track site visitors (only site owners and registered users (these sites don't have registered users). So it's also possible to use these WP sites for the purpose of redirection, when appropriate.

Old article

An old friend sent me back an article that I must have written and sent to him many years ago. It is about the desirability of living life without meaning. This must have been a subject that was important to me at the time, and thinking about it must have given me a sense of meaning. The major development is that it doesn't seem important these days. Meaning is inherent in an activity at the time that we are doing something. This post is meaningful while I'm writing it. Afterwards, not so much. I can move on.

Links blog

The Most Effective Malaria Vaccine Yet Discovered - Slashdot

Excellent news today: we have word of the most effective malaria vaccine yet discovered. A year-long trial in Burkina Faso has shown 77% efficacy, which is by far the record, and which opens the way to potentially relieving a nearly incalculable burden of disease and human suffering.

Algerian scholar gets three years in jail for ‘offending Islam’ | Middle East News | Al Jazeera

The scholar, author of two well-known works, was criticised for writing that the sacrifice of sheep predates Islam and for criticising practices including the marriage of pre-pubescent girls in some Muslim societies.

Biden tells Erdogan he plans to recognise Armenian ‘genocide’ | Genocide News | Al Jazeera

United States President Joe Biden told Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he plans to recognise the mass killing of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire during World War I as an act of “genocide”, Bloomberg and the Reuters news agencies reported Friday, citing people familiar with the call between the leaders

‘Insanely cheap energy’: how solar power continues to shock the world | Energy | The Guardian