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25 May 2021

Microsoft seems worse than ever

My workplace got a new desktop computer, and I had a hellish time trying to figure out Microsoft's numerous licensing plans for Office, then installing something, which turned out to be the wrong one as I hadn't read the fine print. The installation process itself was confusing and awful. A week or so ago, I wrote to Microsoft asking them to review our application for a non-profit license, but till now I've heard nothing back from them. The FLOSS eco-system is so much easier in comparison to this capitalist shit. I'm sorry I haven't been able to persuade my colleagues there. I myself haven't used anything except free software for years and years. Each time I check back, Microsoft seems to have added new layers of complexity and made the use of their products less convenient.

Are We Ready for a Looming Decline in World Population? - Slashdot

"According to projections by an international team of scientists published last year in The Lancet, 183 countries and territories — out of 195 — will have fertility rates below replacement level by 2100..."

We keep being reminded, as with the COVID-19 thing, that the future is completely unpredictable. When we feel pessimistic about the future, that's a good thing to remember.

India Covid-19: Local media have gone easy on Modi. That's changing because of the pandemic - CNN

I signed up for a subscription to The Hindu, which isn't a bad newspaper, and costs only $25 per year. That adds to my The Guardian contribution and my wife's subscription to Haaretz. I think I actually paid for more subscriptions pre-internet.