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25 January, 2021

Thinking about my recent blog posts

It takes a while to absorb new information, as well as to act on conclusions that one comes to. I am wondering about how what I have been writing affects me personally. I'm more certain regarding how it reflects trends taking place in the world. There too, there will be a huge lag before the consciousness of interbeing percolates down through society; and, indeed the sequence of events unfolding in the world may undermine scientific truths. Just as there are still millions of people, and influential politicians, who continue to deny climate change. Large changes, in any case, take decades to unfold, and, in the meantime, we humans leave the scene, while processes continue. No one who has ever lived ever gets to see the fulfillment of the changes that have begun to take place during their lifetime.

Be that as it may, there are still things that I need to decide about my personal philosophical direction, and I will continue to mull these.

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✭Zoom for Interpreters Explained
a few tips and tricks about interpretation via Zoom.

✭Facebook deletes Netanyahu post, suspends chatbot over privacy violation
Facebook deletes Netanyahu post, suspends chatbot over privacy violation

Facebook Sunday deleted a post by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and suspended a chatbot operated by his official account for a week for violating the social media network’s privacy policy.
The chatbot has been sending private messages to followers, asking them to provide personal details of people over the age of 60 who have not yet been vaccinated against the coronavirus, adding that the premier will then persuade them to get the inoculation.
The request was also featured in the deleted post.
"In accordance with our privacy policy, we don’t allow content that shares or asks for people’s medical information," Facebook Israel said.
#israel #COVID-19

✭Indian comedian held over ‘indecent’ jokes at show where he did not perform | India | The Guardian
'The police superintendent Vijay Khatri said it “doesn’t really matter” if Faruqi made the comments or not because there was still “intent”.'

✭The Guardian view on India's farming revolt: a bitter harvest | Narendra Modi | The Guardian
"There’s a growing backlash against Narendra Modi’s autocratic tendencies and the plutocrat donors who fund his party"