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24 March, 2021


The lizard is known as the rough-tailed rock agama and is very common in these parts. Apparently it changes colour throughout the day, according to the light. It eats insects, snails and plants, and is territorial. If in trouble, it can lose its tail as a decoy, like some other lizards. Maybe this one is a pregnant female as spring is their time of gestation.

Still not sure why Hubzilla or my server degrades my photos and makes them fuzzier.

Today was election day in Israel. I don't get to vote. In our village, the largest number voted for the Joint List (a mainly Arab block). A lesser number voted Meretz and Labour (parties on the left), with a few scattered votes for other parties. From the exit polls it looks like we'll be stuck with Netanyahu again, with the alternative being some other contemptible right-wing figure.


Polish writer charged for calling president a 'moron' | Poland | The Guardian
Amazing. I guess we don't have that issue here. Meanwhile, the Labour candidate was spat on and called a whore when she visited a market yesterday in Tel Aviv. She asked Netanyahu to rein in his thugs.

Trump will use 'his own platform’ to return to social media after Twitter ban | Donald Trump | The Guardian

Italians urged to boycott Amazon to support day of strikes | Italy | The Guardian

A migrant’s reflection on accents: I hear myself speak in an alien voice – but can’t stop myself
“To be a migrant is to forever exist in this duality between Us and Them, a schism of the soul reflected in the migrant’s speech. In speech we hear the migrant fly from his known world, adopt a new tongue and, at times, get caught in the act of travel.”

I could relate to what he is saying. Although I don't think I "put on" accents, I do find that that my accent changes according to the people I'm speaking to, and I've never quite understood why this happens. Having grown up in northern Britain and in the US, and then spent the majority of my time outside the English speaking world, people have a hard time placing my accent, even when they think they are good at that. Americans tend to think I sound vaguely British, whereas Brits guess that English is not my native language. Sometimes after spending time in India, my voice develops a slightly Indian pitch, but that's a known phenomenon. Indian accents are quite contagious.

‘Klara and the Sun’: Kazuo Ishiguro returns to old themes but adds technology-inspired twists
“The Nobel laureate’s latest novel plays out in a world struggling with mortality, change and technological intervention.”

I've enjoyed two of the the three books of his that I've read.

Top Saudi official issued death threat against UN's Khashoggi investigator | Jamal Khashoggi | The Guardian