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24 December, 2020

Brexit deal

The British passport is the only one I possess, but I'm not proud of it. It's unlikely that I would feel proud of the passports of other European countries either, but the EU offers something new; a bold historical experiment. So whatever one thinks about the Germans, the French, the Italians, et al, the European Union offers an additional element that makes the sum greater than its parts. It's a super-nation than has never been a colonial power, and not, so far, perpetrated many wrongs. The rights, in terms of labour laws, personal freedoms and the rest, outnumber the wrongs. So, with Britain's withdrawal from the EU, I feel as if I have lost the pride as well as the sense of privilege i had in being a citizen of the European Union. It wasn't my decision; I cannot vote, and the British are perfectly entitled to make whatever decision they want. But, in doing so, they have lost all remnant of my affiliation to the UK other than a travel document. Now, if I would ever move back to Europe, the only door open to me would be Ireland; and I might just prefer to live there than in the UK itself. Good luck to the Scots. I hope they succeed in becoming an independent nation. I think they will feel much more at home in the EU than in the UK.