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22 November, 2020

I checked my name in the search engines and found that most recent references come from Hubzilla, not so much my personal instance, but the Hubzilla instances of others. My Hubzilla already isn't federating properly outside Hubzilla, through some bug or flaw. But that's not such a bad thing. Now I've turned on the no-federation plug-in by default, as well.

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✭ Solomon Islands government preparing to ban Facebook | Facebook | The Guardian
"Communications minister claims move is intended to address ‘abusive language’ but observers say it is linked to China’s influence"

People should stop using the monstrosity that is Facebook, but obviously it shouldn't be banned.

✭ How bad is Russia's Covid crisis? Packed morgues and excess deaths tell a darker story than official numbers suggest - CNN

✭ Ma Jun: China has started to 'walk the walk' on climate crisis | Greenhouse gas emissions | The Guardian
“Some people have been found bringing products like ivory and rhino horn into China. I think, increasingly, people are starting to recognise that it’s immoral – not just illegal, immoral. Our younger generation of Chinese, they tend to have a much higher understanding of this.”

✭ Zoom’s Censorship of Palestinian Events Sparks Outrage
 all Zoom’s invocations of anti-terrorism laws, a spokesperson also noted that ultimately the company reserves the right to bar anyone from using its services, for any reason or none at all

Zoom’s intervention adds a new layer to the long-running debate on university campuses over the Israeli occupation of Palestine, but its implications reach far beyond that, several scholars and free speech advocates warned. The platform’s censorship has raised questions about the role of private tech companies in curtailing academic freedom and constitutionally protected speech, particularly in the context of public universities. The incidents also reignited criticism of a controversial definition of anti-Semitism promoted by pro-Israel groups and endorsed by President Donald Trump in an executive order issued last year, which critics say severely limits all debate of Israeli policy.