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21 September 2020

Since the two recent arson attacks on the village, we at first took it in turns to guard at nights and then employed a couple of watchmen. The other day, there was a humorous incident after my daughter-in-law advertised a baby cot she was giving away. Some religious Jews from a nearby community took her up on the offer and arranged for the pick-up. But they said they would come in the early hours of the morning before the holiday - probably they were on their way to morning prayers somewhere. My daughter-in-law assumed they would contact the night watchman to open the gate for them. But instead, they parked outside and four men entered on foot. When our vigilant watchman discovered them he freaked out - he was sure these must be the arsonists, back on a return expedition. He called for reinforcements, called the policeā€¦ Anyway, eventually all ended well and they were able to collect the baby cot.

My son and daughter-in-law also gave away an adult-sized mattress which they had used initially before ordering a new sofa bed. That had a different fate. We advertised it on the same lists, but nobody came for it. Eventually, Z., a Palestinian from a nearby village in the West Bank proved only too happy to take it, as I thought he would - very likely not even for his own family, but to help someone else there in need. He has a heart of gold - I've known him for 36 years.