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31 May 2022

20-05-31 Server again

I began the installation of Dokuwiki but had some difficulties along the way. The instructions seem to assume that one has set up a site for it under Apache, so I went about enabling that. But then, before I was able to proceed further, Apache began to give errors, which affected the server as a whole. I wasn't able to solve that problem so quickly, so I transfered the server content over to my Fastmail file storage, and changed the domain DNS to point there.

The advantage with Fastmail is that this is a trivial task. The disadvantage is that the Fastmail server is very limited in what it can handle. For example, the Novagallery software depends upon .htaccess redirects. They don't function under Fastmail. However, with a few more clicks I enabled Fastmail to display those photo albums instead. It doesn't seem to be possible to add a "home" button in the Fastmail photo galleries, so I will set the html target to open them in a separate browser tab.

The limitedness of Fastmail's server reminded me why I want to keep the system really simple. Perhaps, instead of installing Dokuwiki, I will create a homespun system of my own, that is even more simple, specifically geared to my modest needs, and which works on Fastmail and any other simple server.

In the meantime, while the files are being served from Fastmail, I will try to find a simpler and lighter solution for the web server than what Apache offers.

A couple of months ago, Fastmail dropped support for FTP upload. Now we must rely upon either webdav or the in-browser file manager. Neither of these are as convenient as being able to use something like rsync. So eventually I may want to find another solution for a backup web server.

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