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15 Apr 2022

2022-04-15 Shelf-hanging fail | links

My daughter sent a photo of the shelf I hung for her a couple of years ago, above the bed where her 6-year old sleeps. The shelf collapsed while he was sleeping, though fortunately, with his head on the opposite side of the bed. Nobody woke up. This could have been serious! Shelves should never be hung over beds.

shelf fallen shelf

Links of the day

A Web Renaissance

"Thanks to the mistrust of big tech, the creation of better tools for developers, and the weird and wonderful creativity of ordinary people, we’re seeing an incredibly unlikely comeback: the web is thriving again."

Why Germany Won’t Keep Its Nuclear Plants Open

Good arguments for the hated nuclear option.

Russian artist faces jail over peace protest using supermarket price labels - The Guardian

Some brave people are willing to pay the price, even if governments aren't.

Framework Laptop review: a modular PC easy to fix or upgrade

Our food system isn’t ready for the climate crisis | Food | The Guardian

A comprehensive, well written and also graphically very well designed article, which, despite all the moving-parts, rendered perfectly in SeaMonkey.

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