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05 Apr 2022

2022-04-05 Hubzilla | Deezer | Gardening

I updated my hubzilla to 7.2, which was painless, except I discovered that PhpMyAdmin had stopped working. Shrug. Not sure why; hoping it will fix itself through Debian updates. I normally use it to make backups, so I had to do a backup independently.

I have cancelled my Deezer subscription, because I found that I rarely used it. Although Deezer's audio-quality is superior, I found that SoundCloud does a better job of guessing my musical tastes. Surveillance has its benefits. Here in Israel-Palestine it is impossible to take out a paid subscription to SoundCloud, though for some reason I have never encountered an ad on the service. I use it quite a lot, but hardly ever listen to music that would be regarded as mainstream, at least not in western countries. My wife subscribes to Spotify, but doesn't listen to it much.

We are having hot weather all week (around 33 C today), as a result of the phenomenon known as hamsin. But fortunately the house is still cool from the winter, so, if we don't open the windows, it's nice inside. Outside, the citrus trees are in flower, with their characteristic fragrance. Yesterday I took the brush cutter to the winter weeds, trying to avoid cyclamen and a couple of other flowers. Soon it will be snake season.

Links of the Day

Ibrahim Maalouf - Red & Black Light (Live Au Zénith Nantes Métropole, 2016) Live performance, with audience participation - warm atmosphere.

Palestinian baby dies after treatment delayed by Israeli blockade of Gaza

‘Publicly, Israel is a boycotted enemy. But behind the scenes, a great deal happens’ - Israel News - Missed opportunities, leading to unnecessary wars.

Tumblr Is Everything - The Atlantic Reading articles like this makes me realize how ignorant I am of web culture and history.

Viktor Orbán wins fourth consecutive term as Hungary’s prime minister Countries should have laws to prevent any candidate - from left or right - from running multiple times.

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