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30 Mar 2022

2022-03-30 Crazy ironies

The scene of the terror attack in Tel Aviv yesterday was an ultra-orthodox Jewish neighborhood. Yet two of the five victims were non-Jewish Ukrainian workers. Another victim, an Arab policeman, was the hero who rushed to the scene and shot the attacker, preventing further killings. Two of the three policemen killed in the latest wave of violence have been Arabs.

So Ukrainians who probably thought themselves safer than the majority of their compatriots just happened to be in the line of fire of a gunman with different targets in mind, and finally a heroic Palestinian Israeli policeman ended up saving Jewish lives while dying at the hands of a shahid who was trying to take them.

In the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinians, I won't presume to judge which actions are legitimate and which not. Murder is repugnant, but is of course just one of the forms of violence being perpetrated. Both sides play a role in perpetuating this blood feud, though Israel has the greater responsibility as the occupying power. The conflict is intractable but Jews and Palestinians are highly creative and intelligent. As neither people is going to give up their homeland, ever, they owe it to themselves to find a way of living together in which everyone can enjoy dignity and respect.

Palestinians weren't offered much respect this week in the summit meeting between Israel and other Arab states: they weren't even invited.

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