13 Mar 2022

2022-03-13 Tidying the blog

I had a problem with my server computer the last couple of days; apparently because of a failed update. In the meantime I tidied up the html on this blog - I was thinking there was something wrong with it because bluefish editor incorrectly highlights some of the syntax. SeaMonkey has a link to an html validator. It found a few errors, but these were not the reason for bluefish's wrong syntax highlighting, which continues, though all the code now validates.

Besides valid code, I have some other wishes. I want the page to be light and quick to load, so I will keep the image sizes trimmed, and maybe allow a full column width image only in the lead article. I have also split up the articles, so that older ones go to an archive page, rather than just to the WordPress archive.

Also in the name of readability, I have moved the styles into a style sheet. I have also separated the blog from the "about" pages.

Another wish is to write html that it is easy to read, since I spend so much time in the editor. Most html tags are short and non-distracting. Image tags and hyperlinks seem to be the main problem. So, in order to make the html source easier to read, I have decided to lump all the hyperlinks together at the end, in the manner of Wikipedia. In the post itself, I will simply use page anchors, which are shorter and less distracting.

I got the idea of placing hyperlinks at the end from a blog post called "The Art of Plain Text" [1] in which the writer uses an even more minimalistic blogging style than this one. In place of paragraphs, he uses the "pre" html tag*. I'm not sure that's such a good idea, because his site is hard to read on phones.

I am consciously using quotes here, rather than escape characters, because they too make the html really hard to read. Links of the day

  1. Plain text


DuckDuckGo Onion Search for Firefox https://www.netmeister.org/blog/ddg-tor.html

Lasers could cut lifespan of nuclear waste from "a million years to 30 minutes," says Nobel laureate - Big Think https://bigthink.com/the-present/laser-nuclear-waste/

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