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15 Feb 2022

2022-02-15 - Trackball mouse

I spilled coffee on my Ergo M570 but it was getting pretty worn out anyway. So I've replaced it with its successor, the M575. It's a better mouse. I ordered it from Ali-Express, as it was a bit cheaper. It arrived, after about 3 weeks, in a package that looks like someone had previously returned it. There was no plastic package or manual, but the mouse itself was in perfect condition. The dongle was out of sync with the mouse. Solaar didn't manage to pair it. Eventually I gave in and downloaded the Logi unifying software to my wife's Windows laptop and got it in sync. This mouse is more accurate that the M570 and feels better in every way. It has the ability to connect without the receiver, via Bluetooth. But that connection doesn't work very well, at least not with my computer: its movements are too jittery.

In general I prefer trackball mice to other pointing devices. They work on any surface; take up less desktop space because they don't need to move around; and are more comfortable to use than other mice.

Going to get it

Ali Express uses all kinds of delivery services for Israel. This time, the pick-up point was a bread shop in Lydda, a journey of about 25 minutes. It was a good opportunity for another adventure with OsmAnd. On my last OsmAnd trip it had made a surprise demand that I leave the highway, earlier than expected and veer off on a dirt track through the hills. I ignored that one. But it was my fault - I had forgotten to exclude unpaved roads in the preferences.

This time it got my to the pick-up point flawlessly, and even knew the street number I should head for. On the way back, there was one error: one of the exits from a round-about turned out not to be a real road, but just an entry to a factory. That wasn't serious, but I notice that OsmAnd does take rather a long time to reset the journey if the driver makes a mistake.

This was my first proper car journey using OsmAnd through unfamiliar territory, so I'm pleased that it was not a disaster.

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