23 Jan 2022


As I grow older, I seem to forget projects that I had gotten into a while back. In 2020 I discovered org-static-blog and apparently forgot all about it in a few months. I remember having tried various static blogging systems, and recently read about Barry Kauler's static blogging system, and was thinking to try that, due to its simplicity. But this is even simpler, therefore better, if simplicity is what I'm looking for. I'm just afraid that one of these days I will lose even more of my marbles and be left blogless and helpless. Hubzilla is great, and Wordpress has many advantages, but both of them require a complicated setup (if they are on a home server), including php and mysql (or MariaDB). I may decide to go back to this, and, if I require something beyond a blogging system, to use ordinary html in SeaMonkey or Bluefish.

Tags: blogging
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