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17 Jan 2022


I managed to listen to the end of the 3 hour meeting in Auroville (see my blog post on WP yesterday). It was fascinating to hear the different arguments, for one side or the other, expressed so well; all convincing. (Usually in meetings I find myself agreeing to the last person who has spoken.) But in the end I think I remain on the side of those who say the work should be done quickly. I know the road in question quite well because I travel on it daily whenever I'm there.

There are strange phenomena that one witnesses that never make the news, but leave one feeling curious. When I go to a nearby shopping center, I take a semi-official shortcut on an "agricultural road" that twists and twines as it passes through fields. At one of these turns, was parked, precariously and a little dangerously, a new car with two big pink bows on it - decorated in a way that people often do for their weddings. J suggested that maybe it was a couple who had stopped to have wedding photos taken of them. But, at 7:30 AM on a particularly cold day? As it happened, the car remained all day in the same position. When I traveled back home in the late afternoon, it was still there, but now another car had stopped in front of it, and someone had put a triangle on the road to alert other drivers to it. So what is the answer to this mystery? I will never know. Perhaps the car was stolen and thieves had left it there as a kind of joke.


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