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27 Nov 2021

2021-11-27 - Distraction


Distraction is considered in a negative way by those who are "serious". The "serious" are those who embark upon a career, would-be absolute rulers, sadhakas and mumukshutwis, and all others who are taking the steep path up the mountain.

But there are others who refuse to see the experience that comes to us unlooked for as extraneous to purpose and admit it within their purview. Seen in a certain way, experience is no longer distraction but essential to life. The trick is to find the essence in experience, rather than to resist it as "distraction".

If one is following a path, there are are two conditions to the above: One, not to "look for" or deliberately to put oneself within the field of distraction. Two: not to grow attached to what comes to one along the way. This is the territory of the lotus eaters", in the story of Odysseus, and the "linger on, thou art so fair" in the Faust story.

Be that as it may, I have been thinking today, after spending a few hours in trying to set up remote access to my home server, that although we have many ways that we can use our time, we need to be conscious of time as a precious resource, and to discriminate between the essential and the non-essential. And that means defining one’s goals. It’s a consideration when it comes to the choice of the systems that we use. The aim should be simplicity and flow.

I don’t think I want to deal any more in my writings with technical matters, but to deal with the essence discovered from them. Instead of detailing my technical discoveries, I will simply put them into practice, after trying different options.

I am finding SoundCloud to be a real source of joy; there is so much beauty to be discovered there, and this springs from the creative well-springs of humanity.


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