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25 Nov 2021



I’m just starting to use it, but I think I like the interface of SoundCloud over that of Deezer, and am finding it easier to find music that I like. I am still listening free for now, but haven’t heard any ads so far. SoundCloud’s paid service isn’t available in Israel, so it will always be free for me.

I don’t feel like hearing any mainstream western songs, somehow, so most of what I’m listening to are "organic house", "downtempo"* or electronic versions of ethnic music from around the world. And sometimes the original music, without any synthesized sounds. "Quieter than Silence" by Mehdi Aminian and Mohamad Zatari continues to satisfy – I like it more each time I listen to it.

Note: It’s with a bit of hesitation that I write "organic house", "downtempo", etc., because I actually have very little understanding of what the terms mean. They are just words that appear next to the titles. My interest in such kinds of music is quite recent. And anyway, I have little understanding of music in general. I only know what I like. And that’s subject to change.

Just now, I’m listening to Jose Solano.

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