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03 Jul 2020

World Wide Waste

There's a website called "World Wide Waste" that is dedicated to the subject of digital waste and its costs to the environment. It seems to me that it is less of a subject for the individual than for the corporations, although we are all guilty of over-streaming. I wonder whether the environmental costs of internet streaming is greater than reliance upon satelites? It may be that since both exist, it makes little difference. It must be better to use videoconferencing than traveling and commuting. Harari makes the point that we don't really have an energy problem - there is infinite energy that we could obtain. It's just a technological and an environmental problem. If we can only solve the 21st century technological problems of polluting industries, we will be able to enjoy the tech advantages, but, along the way, we are making terrible misjudgments. Humans are inherently wasteful. We need to cut down on packaging and processed foods, products that are wasteful.

Of course, writing these words, I'm aware that this is actually delusional and that we are still on the way to annihilation. I can make personal improvements, but the problems are endemic. Seeing the wasterfulness of Americans, of my brother for example, there is little hope for humanity. And no doubt in Israel too I am unaware of the way many people are living. But there is satisfaction whenever one can make personal good decisions. These can be shared and communicated over our own networks in order to help popularize environmental consciousness.

Yes, despite the luxury of an independent, non-connected blog, it makes much more sense to communicate ideas that to keep them to oneself. I simply haven't cracked the technique of doing it in a manner that doesn't lead to disgust or embarrassment. Effective communication requires a style that is far removed from my slow circumlocution and roundabout thinking. Writers like George Monbiot are effective communicators, though even they manage to invoke the ire of folks who are quite near to them ideologically. And then there are the superstars, like Michael Moore, who also make terrible mistakes, unforgivable errors, which create great damage. So where does that leave someone like me? I guess it is all about an honest dialogue. Actually, I have little patience for one.

It's useful to do lots of reading I think I prefer to do my thinking, my writing or communicating as a monologue. Blogging is better for me than a Reddit-style back-and-forth, and even one-line responses to my posts bother me immensely. So that's how I end up with a blog that does not permit responses, or simply a private journal. The dialogue is simply me reading what other people have said, and then writing, in my own fashion, reflections on what I have read; or sometimes my own thoughts. There are folks who are better than me for the true dialogue. If am more private, it isn't arrogance, exactly, but the need for personal space. It's the reason that it is much easier for me to write offline, by hand, in a personal journal, than to write blog posts. But there is still room to transcribe these later.

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