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13 Nov 2019

False views

The universe was never created. Matter, energy and consciousness are one. There is no center, no periphery, no end to time and space. Seeing is interpretation. All statements about ultimate truth, including this one, are a lie. There are multiple ways to apprehend reality But not taking into account the error of our seeing, and not glimpsing the unity in the diversity, Leads us astray.

The problem is that almost everything that is written, fiction or non-fiction, philosophical or scientific is based on fallacy. It either assumes a reality that is incomplete and prejudiced, or it tries to speculate absurdities. It isn’t necessary to understand everything, or grasp the whole truth, but only to be deeply humble; with a reserve that permeates our consciousness and the way we express. I find it painful to read books that are based on wrong assumptions, or presume to express truth. Gurus and writers of “spiritual” books are usually the worst offenders, because they cast aside all humility. Without humility, we will never understand anything. There is absolutely no guarantee that we ever will, in any case, but a full guarantee that false understanding closes the door to new learning.

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