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23 Sep 2019

Richard Stallman's site

I’ve been checking Stallman’s site to see what he will say about his resignation from the Free Software Foundation, as I think it is curious that on the site he mentions his resignation from CSAIL at MIT but nowhere mentions his resignation from FSF. That’s true till today, though a week has passed. I suppose he’ll get around to mentioning it eventually, but it does seem a little odd. For now, there is only the notice on the FSF website to rely upon.

What is new on is an explanation of his talk at Microsoft, which is interesting.

It’s amusing that some people are only now noticing his “Political Notes” and the topics that concern him, and have concerned him for years. I don’t know whether he composes all of those notes himself, but I have always found that work impressive and helpful, a kind of compendium of news stories that we should be paying attention to; as concise as one could wish for. I think at least some of the people who scorn his “embarrassing behavior” and obvious sexism are actually made more uncomfortable by his unyielding positions and radical politics.

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