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20 January, 2021


The COVID outbreak has, from the beginning, stoked my natural, unhealthy interest in watching charts and graphs. But doing so also helps to temper some of the subservience we have to media reports, which often tend to be alarmist in some cases and negligent in others. For example, much of the news lately has been about new variants in Brazil, the UK and S. Africa, which have boosted the number of cases to an alarming degree. But if you looks at the charts, you can actually see that the number of cases in those countries has been declining in the last few days. And, when they speak of a new outbreak in China, you can see the number barely causes a bump in the graphs. While in Israel the numbers have been soaring (despite a severe lockdown and vaccinations), in the West Bank and Gaza the number of new infections has been declining rapidly since mid-December.

Blogging. journaling

I might at one point take a break from this blog, or stop completely, in favour of my handwritten journal. The purpose of all blogging or journaling is to reflect on life, current events, either personal or collective. Some of that can be done publicly, and sometimes it's best done privately. In any event, for some of us, reflection is useful in processing and helping to gell information, and the act of writing is helpful for reflection. This is the rationale behind blogging and journaling. The public (or half-public) dimension imposes a little discipline sometimes, though this is not always desirable or helpful (i.e. constraint imposed by the fact that one's writings may be read by others is not always helpful, while at other times it is.)