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2 January, 2021

Updated hubzilla to 5.08

Finally dared to do the update. The update was painless.

Changed my avatar to its square version, because, in the round version, hubzilla does not consistently remember png transparency. That seems to be a result of the interplay between the main instance and its clone.

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✭Jews of the World, Disunite…in Israel! -
"Finally, despite all you have done to us or has been done in your name, we cling to our faith that the great religion of Judaism—with its foundational pillar of social justice—will guide you to equality. That is, Jews being no better nor worse than others. For that vision, I will fight alongside you when you arrive and comfort you as you wake up. Which you will do after facts counter the falsehoods you’ve been fed. Then the dirty jackboots of occupation will be taken off our necks. Consigned to the dustbin of history, those boots will be refashioned into sandals…which we will wear hiking mountains together. And after the oppressive sands of Zionism wash away, we will also walk together on beaches…barefoot."

Sam Bahour, an effective communicator for the Palestinian cause, and by all accounts, a really nice guy, ends his cynical self-described "rant" against Jewish newcomers to Israel on quite a friendly note. I'm reminded of that passage in "Passage to India" where it becomes clear that there can be no natural friendship between the colonized and the colonizer until India is free again.

Sam doesn't say so, but until the occupation ends and all the inhabitants of the land live under a universally elected democratic government, even the friendliest, most sympathetic Jew or other immigrant who benefits from the "Law of Return", can never truly be welcome, except possibly as a political ally in bringing about change. Afterwards, we'll see.