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Almost packed

2011-07-15 by hosh, tagged as travel

Almost packed for India - here's my bag. It weighs about 6 kilos and contains, if I didn't forget anything:

13" laptop computer (Dell Vostro V130)
toiletries, laundry soap, mosquito repellent, travel shaver
2 cotton longis (these are really multi-function)
1 travel towel
1 pair of cheap Indian shorts
1 pair of ex-officio nylon underpants
1 pair of cotton underpants 1 Columbia "Expedition Freezer" Polo shirt
1 Columbia "Silver Ridge Crew" shirt
Pair of socks
Travel clothes line
Combination lock (for hotel doors)
Indian multiplug (for times when there is only one outlet in the room)
wires and usb adapter for ipod, Kindle, phone
Combination lock
Small LED Flashlight
Small reading flashlight
Inflatable meditation cushion
First aid kit
Plastic knife and spoon
Nail clippers

I'll also have on me

The other set of underwear and socks
Keenes Newport H2 sandles (1 year old, worn almost all the time)
Mountain Mesa convertible pants
Salewa Button shirt
Salewa Travel vest/waistcoat
Camera (3 year old Canon Powershot SX110 IS)
Phone (my Blackberry Pearl) + earphones
Ipod Touch or Kindle
Book light
Inside-pants pouch for travel documents



In general it makes more sense to buy, or have tailored, light cotton clothes, in India (cheaper and suitable for the climate). I chose some items made of hi-tech synthetic fabrics for their quick-drying properties and supposed moisture-wicking. I'm still not sure whether I'll feel comfortable in these fabrics, but laundry takes forever to dry in south India. Last year I found the Ex-Officio nylon underwear to be bearable, but was less happy with a set of Columbia nylon pants and shirt. I ended up buying some light cottonwear. This year I'll have convertible nylon pants and another pair of cotton shorts as a backup.