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18 February, 2021

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✭'Drone swarms' are coming, and they are the future of wars in the air
The question really is not if, but when and where drone swarms, which is the next evolution of robotic warfare, will be utilised in real-time operations.

✭Disha Ravi: the climate activist who became the face of India's crackdown on dissent | India | The Guardian
"On the streets of Bangalore the protesters gathered, residents standing defiantly alongside students and activists. Their placards bore slogans such as “standing for farmers is not sedition” and “when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” and most held up a photo of a smiling young woman: 22-year-old Disha Ravi."

Politicians everywhere - but especially those in countries with non-existent or less robust democratic traditions - are blaming the real concerns of their citizens on interference from outside actors, and using their influence over their countries' security forces and judiciaries to stifle dissent. Action on behalf of human rights or the environment is seen as sedition or serving outside interests, whereas it is mainly their own narrow political interests that are being threatened.


✭Why I Still Use RSS | atthislink
He recommends newsboat as an aggregator (a fork of newsbeutter). The only thing I am currently using is Thunderbird.