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16 January 2021

A grandchild's birthday party took up the first part of this Saturday. Many children and parents. At least the weather permitted us to sit outside. I am becoming less and less of a social person, not just because of COVID, I just haven't completely managed to break through into a transcendental state of bliss while leaving my physical avatar behind to represent me. If I could, it might prevent my observing that behind appearances lies a lot of pain, and it might temper some of my pessimism.

In the afternoon I went for a walk along the side of the wild hilltop across from the village. The ground is still wet from the rain. Red flowers; perhaps anemones, are beginning to appear among the greenery. The skies are pretty. The temperatures are nice. It will grow a little cooler this week. I'm glad there are limits on how cold it gets around here. I wouldn't want to be any further north at this time of year.

The news I've been reading has centered mostly on the US, due to the painful transition of power there and the amount of attention that big tech has been getting by its enabling, then stifling, the voices of Trump and his right wing extremists, as soon as it was seen as unprofitable. Slashdot have an item that mentions the articles by Cory Doctorow and the EFF. They also have a comment by the creator of "Minds". The Intercept has some interesting stuff.

It's all interesting only up to a point. Most of our news is a mill for turning straw into gold and then back again.

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✭ On Telegram, Boogaloo Movement Looks to Enlist New Recruits
The boogaloo movement’s most extreme white supremacist element is ratcheting up calls for civil war.
#US #social-networking

✭ Sheldon Adelson Helped Turn the GOP Into the Israeli Apartheid Party
"With Donald Trump’s help, Adelson spent the last years of his life helping to make the dreams of the Israeli right a reality."

✭ La révolte des femmes arabes en Israël - Le Courrier
Davantage victimes de violences que leurs concitoyennes juives, les Arabes israéliennes sont toujours plus nombreuses à se mobiliser dans des organisations féministes.

✭ Pluralistic: 16 Jan 2021 – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow
"Biden is already moving to stuff his administration with finance sector ghouls who made (literal) bank off of 393,000 US covid deaths. The decision to call off the banks' fiercest watchdog puts the Democratic Congressional majority at risk in 2022. And that puts everything at risk: climate, economic justice, and repelling the forces of violent white nationalism."

✭ Air pollution will lead to mass migration, say experts after landmark ruling | Environment | The Guardian
"The comments follow a decision by a French court this week, which is believed to be the first time environment was cited by a court in an extradition hearing. The case involved a Bangladeshi man with asthma who avoided deportation from France after his lawyer argued that he risked a severe deterioration in his condition, and possibly premature death, due to the dangerous levels of pollution in his homeland."