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15 September


On our way from Le Puy, at a snail's pace, we have currently reached Espeyrac, a small village in Averogne. We are staying at a gite called La Soulie and have arrived early due to the rain. I walked and D got a ride, from the proprietor of our previous hostel.

We are enjoying our time in this beautiful region of France. The weather has been very kind, as have the people. There is a rather formal politeness among the French that always needs to be remembered, which is different than that of Americans, and certainly of Israelis. The greeting is consistently 'bonjour' or 'bonjour madame' whereas in English it could be so many words. And, as a foreigner, one should be particularly well behaved.

If one knows how to behave, people are really very nice, and tolerant of our bad French. Perhaps when French people get a bad rap it is from the experience with Parisians, though I don't want to be unkind to them either, not having personally been at the receiving end of any rudeness.

I will try to write a little more about La Soulie later, as this is a special place.